Seltzer Pack Mystery Case - 8 Cans

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The hard seltzer is a relatively new concept. It was created and targeted at the more health conscious consumer and is often a low-calorie equivalent to beer or cider. It is a type of highball drink usually containing sparkling water, alcohol and fruit flavouring. 


Brand Kopparberg Passion fruit  |    ABV 5% ABV    |    Country Sweden

Kopparberg hard seltzer pairs the natural exotic flavouring of passionfruit with sparkling water to create a refreshing and light serve. Best served chilled from the can


Brand Mike's  |    ABV 5% ABV    |    COUNTRY Canada

Mike's Hard Seltzer is a refreshing blend of sparkling water, alcohol, and real lime flavour. it doesn't require a mixer, ice, or even a glass. Lime is a popular hard seltzer flavour in the Mike's Hard lineup, and a true classic when it comes to hard sparkling water.


Brand Brewdog Clean and Press  |    ABV 5% ABV    |    COUNTRY Scotland

Brewdog have created a low-calorie, light and easy hard seltzer brewed from their own craft vodka distilled at their own brewery. Brewdog have taken inspiration from the Mohave dessert, with a unique combination of cactus and lime.


Brand Funkin Mango and Passionfruit  |    ABV 4.5% ABV    |    COUNTRY England 

 Funkin mango and passionfruit combines sparkling water, vodka and real fruit flavours to create a refreshing drink with great taste. Funkin don't use artificial flavours or sweeteners to ensure their customers get a real, fruity experience. Although the cans are bursting with flavours they wont burst your waistband as this hard seltzer contains only 97 calories and is suitable for vegans.


Brand Bodega Bay Cherry  |    ABV 4% ABV    |    COUNTRY USA

An expertly curated blend of CraftedClear Alcohol, Sparkling Water and natural flavours of Cherry, Mango & Goji Berry. No refined sugar, artificial flavourings or colours. A refreshing alternative to higher calorie and sugar Beers, Ciders and Wines.