Dragon Soop Mixed Case | 12x500ml, 7.5% ABV

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Dragon Soop Mixed Case - 12 cans of your favourite soops

2 cans of: Dark Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Red Kola, Sour Apple, Strawberry & Lime & Venom

Dragon Soop Original comes in eleven flavours – Dark Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Passion Fruit & Orange, Peach & Raspberry, Red Kola, Sour Apple, Strawberry & Lime, Tropical Fruit Punch, Venom, Wicked Watermelon and NEW Rhubarb & Custard!

Dragon Soop is 7.5% ABV and contains high levels of caffeine (35mg per 100ml), blended with taurine, guarana and delicious flavours. in a chillable can. The number of units of alcohol per can (3.75 units in a 500ml can) is clearly marked, so you can drink aware.

Always drink in moderation and remember it is not suitable for persons sensitive to caffeine.