Winton Brewery Oh Ya Bassa Sour Beer: 12 x 330ml

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STYLE Sour Beer    |    ABV 5% ABV    |    COUNTRY Scotland  

Enjoy the very best beers from the award finalist Winton Brewery. Immensely proud of their East Lothian roots, Winton produce some of the best beers in Scotland and we want to bring those beers to you. 



Our Fantastic Peach and Raspberry Sour Beer Rammed with Fruit and a Crazy Sourness Befitting of the Name!

A light malt bill and lactobacillus makes up this beer’s sour light bodied base. The addition of peach and raspberry puree makes the fruit flavors of this sour shine through and round off this delightfully fruity sour.Best served chilled. Clothing optional.

Best served chilled. Swearing, gurning and teeth clenching permitted.



Winton brewery were the 2020 Scottish Beer Awards Finalists who are constantly growing and offer cool new merch as well as doing some great charity work. Vegan Friendly.


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