Panther Milk: 750ml

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STYLE Creamy Liquor   |    ABV 15% ABV    |    COUNTRY Scotland  

Dark Art Drinks have created a delicious eggnog  or white russian alternative that can be served a multitude of ways. Whether you are a Baily's loyal or are wanting to try something new, this is the drink for you.



A pre-mixed Vegan cocktail of gin, rum, brandy, overproof spiced rum, Vegan condensed milk and Minor Figures Oat M*lk that is Creamy, tropical, smooth with a hint of spice.

Serve long over ice, as a shot with friends or in your hot chocolate



Panther Milk is a incredibly delicious drink inspired by 'Leche De Pantera' a potent beverage that has its origins in vibrant 1920's Spain. Panther Milk launched in Glasgow in 2014 as a secret pop up bar. Whilst originally meant to last for just three months the demand and popularity was so high that the bar was made permanent for four and a half years, only opening its doors on Friday and Saturday nights. Since then the location has changed but the demand remained so high that Panther Milk has now been launched as a drinks brand available to all. Panther Milk is committed to sustainability and care of the planet so from October 2020 all our products are 100% vegan, using oat milk supplied by Minor Figures. 


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